The hottest new mobile phone out there is the Samsung Galaxy A12

, now available at Samsung’s UK web site. This phone has all the features you would expect from a high-end phone. For example, the built in browser lets you see what websites are currently loaded, so you don’t have to go into the phone to check them out. Plus, the Browser Helper Tool allows you to go directly to your favorite websites without having to leave the current application. WebKit 2.2 is responsible for this, as well as Google Places and Gmail. galaxy a12

But the real star here is the new multi-touch software that is included on these phones. With a total of seven tools in all, these handsets give you access to all of your most used applications in one neat interface. The only limitation is the size of your fingers, because the interface is not really wide enough to fit all of your fingers comfortably. The built in stylus gives you an easy way to navigate through these applications, as well as a nice interface to experiment with. And the Galaxy A12 comes with a nice selection of wallpapers, to help you customize your phone to your individual taste.

If you use a round or rectangular camera, the new curved screen will definitely help you take better photos. If you are someone who uses their phone like a small digital camera, the ability to shoot in portrait mode without tilting the phone will be a big plus. The dual camera option is also nice, allowing you to take your camera with you wherever you go, giving you more flexibility. The touch screen itself is quite responsive, however if you are looking for a phone with a larger display that has a large font, you might have trouble viewing some of your favorite apps.

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